For my first post...

I'm pumped to finally have this new website up and running. Needless to say it's a huge improvement from the Dynamod (Flash-based) page I had for about 10 years. The good people at Squarespace have their act together and I'm more than happy to give them my business [ironically the page costs less than half as much as the god-awful Dynamod page I was putting up with for a decade].

But I digress. Henceforth, this blog (#MoreGear) will be about, you guessed it... GEAR.

More specifically...

- New recording technology and innovations (plug-ins, pedals, mics, etc.)

- New ways to utilize old recording technology

- Tips and tricks as I happen upon them; wether they be from my first-hand experience or advice by way of one the masters (e.g. Butch in the following video)

Those of you who know me personally know that I have expensive taste but live fairly frugally. In light of that fact there will be an emphasis on technique and technology that is both effective AND affordable. Additionally, I'm a guitar player when it comes down to it; forgive me if this blog ends up guitar-biased. 

Regarding the clip below: I love Butch Vig's work, I love what he has to say in this video and I love how incompatible his and Pensado's senses of humor are. This is an episode of Pensado's Place filmed live at NAMM earlier this month. Butch has a lot of great things to say about working with a live band and getting them to bring their best work to the table in a recording situation. My take away: as a producer, spend time with a band in their rehearsals. It's a lot easier to put the work in on the front side of the recording process than it is on the backside. Get great takes with all the arrangements completely fleshed out. Know every note that every musician is supposed to play during basics.